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How do you score competitors?

Our judges consider four specific components in identifying placings.

  • Muscularity - The amount of muscle appropriate for the category.
  • Conditioning - How lean an athlete is, and is it appropriate for the class.
  • Symmetry - Balance of muscle for the class.
  • Presentation - The athlete demonstrates an understanding and mastery of the mandatory poses.

Do you allow crossovers?

We do allow crossovers. For example, someone can compete in both bikini and figure or both bodybuilding and physique. However, remember that we are looking for specific qualities for each category. So, you may be a great fit for one category, and not for the other.

Do I need a spray tan?

The color of your skin on stage is incredibly important. You have put hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours into creating a beautiful physique. We highly recommend paying professionals to make sure you look your very best on show day.

Can teens compete?

We encourage teens (16 and over) to compete if and when they are ready. We will offer teen categories from time to time. However, they are also invited to compete in categories outside of teen category.  

Does my coach need to have an NSL membership to be back stage?

Your coaches do not need to possess an NSL membership to be backstage. However, they will need a coaches pass issued by each individual promoter.  

Is my membership good for a full year or the calendar year that I purchased it?

Your NSL membership is good for the calendar year in which you purchase the membership.  

Will I be drug tested?

We encourage a healthy lifestyle, but understand that health decisions are best made by our competitors and their doctors. The world has seen a recent increase in physician supervised hormone therapies that would exclude a large percentage of the population from a fully tested organization.

Recognizing this change in the world, we will not be drug testing our athletes.

How do I get feedback from the judges?

Our promoters will compile the judges feedback and will send it to each competitor.

That said, you are welcome to meet the judges after the show and ask for some feedback immediately following the event. Plus, you then get to have a good conversation about possible ways to improve.  


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